Welcome to Geneva Christian College


Geneva Christian College was founded in 1967, and has over forty five years of history in the Latrobe community. The school is located on the outskirts of the town, ideally situated on 50 hectares of farm and bush land. It has a well-established and fully accredited co-educational program. As a Christian school, personal character, self-discipline and responsibility are considered equally as important outcomes as academic learning. The aim is for students to live by Biblical standards and make worthwhile contributions to society and the wider community. These Biblical standards, traditional family values and moral principles are integrated into the school’s educational framework. Classroom teachers are qualified and registered and staff share the Christian ethos, are committed to Christian education and demonstrate care for each child as an individual. Students may graduate at Year 10 or Year 12 levels and are able to enter a range of employment options or continue with further studies.

Geneva provides an academically sound and creative education from K – Grade 12, which is appropriate to the needs and abilities of a wide array of students. The content and application of this education offers students the opportunity to participate in programmes across all the leaning areas, providing for a high quality education, allowing for the individual learners needs, capabilities, unique gifts and talents. Part of our educational framework includes an individualized programme which we offer full time and through distant education. This programme involves diagnostic testing of a student to provide insight into their learning strengths and weaknesses. Once diagnosis has occurred, the student is then prescribed with an individual learning pathway. Also within our education framework we offer further elective subjects, where students have ample opportunity to work in pairs, small groups and larger classes.

We are currently implementing and integrating the Australian Curriculum throughout the school and are progressing towards its full implementation. Our educational framework provides:
• equitable and inclusive learning
• opportunity to maximize learning
• opportunity to gain knowledge, understanding and skills
• disciplined-based and interdisciplinary learning
• opportunities to promote learning within local cultural contexts
• individual pathways to support successful learning
• individual educational programmes with the opportunity to close the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children